1) What Is Brain training program?

The smart kids’ workshop is a new concept of mental self-improvement. It gives children the opportunity to build up different capabilities in terms of enhanced memory, creativity, planning, imagination, concentration and perceptiveness in order to reach a more self-enhanced learning ability and also, to help children with their self- confidence, cultivate a good character. With the help of brain training program, Children can improve learning efficiency and maximize brain function, thereby improving attention, memory, thinking and creativity, and be able to develop the enormous potential of the right brain functions (Right brain ‘s memory is roughly equivalent to four hundred million books , but we only use 3 to 5% of this side’s brain functions/capacity).

2) My child already does well in learning, so does he or she still need Smart Kids Workshop?

If we consider our own child has good attention, and memory, that becomes a bias and one sighted statement. Maybe an outstanding child student is the best in his or her school, but when they are admitted to top university after graduating from high school, do you think your child is still the best in all top children, does he/she has competitive advantage?

The brain’s power is very important in today’s competition. Because each child’s brain power and intensity of brain waves are different, even twins; whether it is with the same family background. Through the brain training program, each child will be built and enhanced own brain power on their basis, such as concentration, memory and creativity, motor coordination, musical and artistic ability.

3) Any sequelae (side effect) after brain training program?

Once brain training program started, the brain will secrete hormones to be balanced left and right brain development, the function therefore to display in the optimum condition, the mental ability also large scale promotes, children will also become more intelligent, simultaneously was also coordinated the intrinsic characteristic to cause the human disposition to favour kind-heartedly, and a sympathy. Brain training is part of the brain tissue of the brain, we did not add any substance in the training process to give to the students.

Blindfolded self-training method (also known as brain training program) has also several years before, the participants have benefited greatly, so please don’t worry, brain activation are totally no side-effect at all for the children.

4) Brain training activation function will disappear after starting it?

Basically once brain training program started, brain waves can be increased with age or neglect exercise and function gradually weakened. If you continue to practice with the brain waves can also be enhanced.

5) After brain training program starts, how long can the effective maintenance?

After brain training program start, every week only need practice one to two times, each time five to ten minutes, natural brain wave also along with enhancement. Our mission or neglect to exercise it only makes effective time.

6) Benefits of brain training programs?
  • Improve concentration
  • Improve Memory
  • Speed reading
  • Improve creativity
  • Improve Photography memory
  • Left-right brain combination
  • IQ-EQ Development
  • Memory Retention
  • Decisions making ability
  • Positive attitude
  • Personality development
  • Goal setting
  • Intuition development
  • Careeristic visions
  • 5 senses development

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