Scientific Evidence

All steps are informed by key principles of brain functioning as illuminated through neuro science. The 21st century is the century of the Brain research on the brain has vastly improved our understanding of human phenomena, from sensory processing, neuroscientific understanding inform not only medicine & behavioral science, but now enrich our approches to even education, economic & Spirituality.

Thanks to Korea Institute of Brain Science for the research provided by them. Korea institute of brain science registered licensed by the ministry of science & technology for today’s world of brain education.

Dr`s from India & South Korea & other countries have done the research & pass their comments for the ESP training / Brain Education.

Remarks:University of Maryland researcher Masato Yoshizawa found a Mexican Korea fat carp (Astyanax mexicanus), they can take advantage of the pineal photoreceptor visual, when after Yoshizawa pineal body excision, he discovered that the blind fish no longer has the response to the light; this discovery had demonstrated directly the pineal body also has eye’s function. Yoshizawa M, Jeffery WR (2008). Jan. 18 in the Journal of Experimental Biology.

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