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Pragati Brain Power Improvement Training Center is an ISO 9001 : 2015 (International Organization for Standardization) Certified training center in Maharashtra, India.

We provides international level brain training programs for all Students, Adults, Jobholders, Businessmen, Housewives and Entrepreneurs. In today’s competitive world we provides a quality brain training programs to make yourself update for the future planning. We are the only company in India which provides 12 courses under one roof.

Our mission:

  • Help individuals reach their full potential in all areas of their life.
  • Our training helps to develop your IQ - Intelligence Quotient, SQ - Spiritual Quotient, EQ - Emotional Quotient, CQ - Creative Quotient and AQ - Adversity Quotient.
  • Every parents wants best for their children & it’s our endeavor to help them achieve it.

We had spread our wings to India, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, China ,Taiwan , South Africa, Qatar . At our training centers, We bring out the Genius capabilities within you with our specialized brain training programs. We offer various brain training programs in order to increase their Memory power, Concentration level, Confidence level, Emotional Stability etc. Moreover, the Program not only helps in improving the academic performance but also helps towards all-round development.

In other words, Our Program’s transform an average person into a smarter person and a smarter person into the smartest person. It is the best pathway for you to be a genius and successfull.

Below mentioned are the various courses we offer:
  • ESP Quantum Speed Reading (Age: 5-15 years, Duration: 8 days, 6 hrs/day)
  • Memory Improvement & Anxiety Remover (Age: 16-24 years, Duration: 10 days, 6 hrs/day)
  • Power Of Mind (Age: 16-100 years, Duration: 2 days, 7 hrs/day)
  • Successfull Teachership (For Teachers , Duration: 4 hrs)
  • Successfull Parenting (For Parents , Duration: 5 hrs)
  • Speed Writing With Good Handwriting Program (Age: 7-24 years, Duration: 15 days, 3 hrs/day)
  • Speed Reading Workshop (Age: 12-60 years, Duration: 10 hrs)
  • Improve Memory Skills (Age: 10-18 years, Duration: 3 hrs)
  • Advanced Photographic Memory (Age: 8-40 years, Duration: 28 days, 3 hrs/day)
  • Memory Power Improvement (Age: 10-40 years, Duration: 2 days, 6 hrs/day)
  • Maths Made Easy (MME)- (Age 7 TO 12 years, Duration: 28 Days,2 hrs/day)
  • Business Development Program

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Quantum Speed Reading
we are providing QSR
Online Speed Reading Workshop
We are providing Online Speed Reading Workshop

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